May 2018: Getting Clear

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Getting clear on the details of what you want helps you to get clear on the feelings of what you want.... when you feel it, you attract it.

Feelings First, Manifestation Second!

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May's Mind Movie...

Your 90-second powerful vision-board movie that combines music, affirmations, and images... a vision board on steroids...
a manifestation movie to get your emotions on fire. 


May's Group Coaching Call

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June's call will be held on Wednesday June 13th 2018 at 2 pm Pacific / 4 pm Central / 5 pm Eastern / 10 pm London UK
(group coaching calls are on the second Wednesday of every month)
If you're calling from America simply call: (641) 715-3580 Access Code: 611254
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Monthly Themes...
Jan - Letting Go of the Past
Feb - Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Blocks
Mar - Making Time for Self
Apr - Gratitude
May - Getting Clear
June - Believing It's Possible

July - Dating Skill
Aug - Releasing Codependency
Sept - Emotional Intelligence
Oct - Taking Action
Nov - Optimizing Your Environment
Dec - Celebrating Your Milestones

What is HeartMath?

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